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Ambassador Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce’s Legacy encompasses Passion & Purpose with the aim of leaving the sport better than she found it! #SportsandEducation #LastingChange.

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce will always be remembered as the little Jamaican "Pocket Rocket" that could and did big things in the sporting arena both locally and internationally. 

“My dream and my passion has always been to helping children. That's why I got my degree in Child and Adolescent Development.”

"When I started high school in 1999 at Wolmer's Girls, I was privileged and blessed at the same time to have met a woman by the name of Jeanne Coke, of The Wolmer's Old Girls' Association. She saw something in me that I didn't see at all, and started to fund my education, my books, my uniform, my lunch and everything. She showed me compassion and love in so many ways. And that's where everything fueled from."

"When a stranger believes in you and supports you wholeheartedly, you start believing in yourself too. The fact that she had done that for me made me obligated to make sure I did the same thing for other student-athletes who are coming from an impoverished situation." They are here, and a lot of their parents can't afford to send them to school, so that they could become better individuals."

Shelly-Ann's Foundation gave out seven scholarships to deserving student-athletes in 2013. "It has been really remarkable to see the progress that they have made, especially in the school arena." "We don't just hand out the cheques, but be there emotionally as well. The Foundation has given me a platform to effect change for young Jamaicans. I just hope to get more sponsors on board so that we can provide more scholarships. These young kids are talented and bright....they are just unable to pay their way through school." 

Through donations and fundraising endeavors, the Foundation offers financial assistance to high school student athletes (2nd - 6th Form) who represent their school in ANY sporting discipline. Academic scholarships are intended to supplement their tuition and books. Annual renewals of scholarships are based on academic performance whilst competing and representing their respective schools in any sporting arena of their choice. Thus ensuring a balance between sports and education for each student athlete, under the premise that a solid education must never be compromised by athletic involvement and competition. A total of 55 high school student athletes, 29 females and 26 males across 11 different sporting arenas from 22 Jamaican high school islandwide, have benefited from the Scholarship Fund since its inception. 


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