The SFP Pocket Rocket Foundation Scholarship

The Pocket Rocket Foundation is proud to be able to help young athletes succeed in their academic and other pursuits. In order to do our part we are offering an annual scholarship to deserving students.

Through donations and fundraisings, the foundation will provide scholarships to high school students (2nd to 6th form) who represent their school in any sporting discipline. The scholarship will go towards academic expenses related to tuition, books, travel and lunch.

Criteria for Award of Scholarship
All documents and forms become the property of the Foundation.

  • The student must maintain regular attendance at school.
  • Acceptable behavior is a must.
  • The student must play an active role in school.
  • The student must maintain a minimum of 60% average in 5 subjects.
  • The student should represent the school in at least one (1) sporting activity.
    Required Documentation
  • The student should submit the most recent school report/ certificates along with the application. Failure to do so will result is your application being incomplete.
  • The student must submit passport size colour photograph.
  • Application for Scholarships must be submitted by August 21st.
  • The Scholarship is available to Jamaican students only.
Other Information
  • The foundation must be advised of any changes in student’s, parent’s or guardian’s address.
  • Any misinformation, inaccuracy, misbehaviour, truancy, failing grades may lead to the disqualification of the Scholarship.
  • The Scholarship is subjected to an annual review of your overall performance in academic achievement, grades, sports and participation in social / community activities.
  • Funds will be disbursed to the school for the benefit of the applicant (monthly/annually).
  • The foundation has the right to request information directly from the school about the applicant.
  • The awardee acknowledges that the Foundation may use their image, photographs and video at no cost to the Foundation.
  • The awardee may be expected to provide a written testimonial or engage in public speeches as an awardee.
  • This scholarship is not open to members of the board of the Foundation or their immediate family members.
  • The Foundation has the right to refuse any application.
  • All Applicants shortlisted (and their parents/guardian) may be required to attend an interview with the Foundation’s Selection Committee.

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